Kids Program

Kids of all ages 5-17 can find their happy place thanks to our complimentary youth programs – Splash Academy and Entourage. Alongside our well-trained staff, your children will experience a wide range of exciting activities with kids and teens their own age. And while they’re having the time of their lives, you can too, knowing they’re in a safe and supervised environment.

Splash Academy (Ages 5-12)
Available on all ships with the exception of Norwegian Spirit, which does not have Splash Academy

Seals (Ages 5-9)

Circus School (scarf juggling, plate spinning, devil sticks, spinning rope)
Video games
Sports and family activities
Team-building challenges
Treasure hunts
Video games

Dolphins (Ages 10-12)
Circus School (stilts, ball juggling, Chinese yo-yo, plate spinning)
Scavenger hunts
Team building challenges
Video games and challenges
Theme nights
Entourage (teen area) Take Over

The Entourage teen program for kids 13-17 features entertainment and activities like:
Singing, dancing
Create balloon sculptures or graffiti masterpieces
Circus skills (stilts, juggling, etc.) with an end of sailing performance
Fashion show
Improv classes
Movies, Wii U
Various sports (dodgeball, soccer, etc.)
Themed events like College Night, White Hot Party, Glow

The Youth Staff
The Youth Staff is carefully chosen from Education and Recreation programs at their University. Your child will like the Youth Staff because they are fun. Actually, they are experts in fun-they design specialized activities for all ages. And they'll keep a constant watch over your children to make you happy. Not to mention, each staff member is CPR and First Aid certified, so your child will be safe and secure at all times. Plus, they're trained in communication and confidence building, too.

Splash Academy Specifics & Restrictions
A few things you need to know before the good times begin:

  • Splash Academy and Entourage are adult free zones.
  • On all ships, a one-time digital registration form is to be completed by a parent or guardian (if child is not traveling with their parent) for each child/teen age 5 - 17. Children/teens can then participate as frequently as they choose during operating hours. Norwegian requests that you let the Youth Staff know if your child has allergies and/or is taking any medications by noting this on the Registration Form.
  • Your child will be assigned to an age group based on his/her age at sailing. If they have a birthday while at sea, only then they are moved up. Sorry, no exceptions can be made-this helps keep your child safe.
  • Kids under 13 may not sign themselves in and out. Only a designated adult over 21 may sign them in and out of the program. Until the Youth Staff gets to know you, have a photo ID ready for drop off or pick up.
  • Norwegian is flexible. Activities and programs are subject to change to accommodate a child's needs.
  • Sorry, Norwegian is not able to have one-on-one care within the Youth Programs.
  • Leave the flip-flops and sandals in your cabin-Norwegian requires proper footwear.
  • The staff is not able to change diapers or pull-ups, but will leave you with a beeper to alert you to do the duty. Beepers do not work ashore, so parents will have to stay onboard when their children are in the Youth Program.
  • Your child not feeling well? Sick children need to see the medical center before coming to the program. There's no charge if your child is well and is allowed to join the activities.
  • Please let the staff know if your child has allergies or note any medications on their registration. The staff has snacks and will need to know.
  • Want to involve the whole family? Activities are subject to change per ship/itinerary but may include Family Movie Night, Family Scavenger Hunt, and Family LEGO Hour. Just remember, a parent is required to attend with a child to participate.
  • Because the Youth Staff is not included in onboard gratuities, cash gratuities are divided among the staff and greatly appreciated. Individual gratuities can be made through the onboard Reception Desk.

Safety and Emergency Information
Relax-it's your job to have fun and Norwegian’s job to keep your kids happy and safe. Every child in the Program receives an ID bracelet with their name, stateroom number, emergency station, allergies, and medications listed. If an emergency does occur, the Youth Staff is responsible for the mustering of the child in their care and bringing them to safety at the Child Muster Station. There, you can claim your child. All unclaimed children will be taken to the secondary station and distributed to their assigned lifeboat stations.

Youth Program Discipline Policy

Your children are important. Norwegian wants your kids to have as much fun and be as safe as possible. Here is the four-step Discipline Policy to ensure this happens.

STEP 1: Warning: The Youth Counselor addresses the child and it is explained that his/her behavior is unacceptable and needs to be improved immediately.
STEP 2: Time out: If the child continues to disobey the Youth Counselor, a time out is issued and the parents are notified at pick-up time.
STEP 3: Suspension: If a time out is not effective in eliminating the inappropriate behavior, the parents are located and the child is grounded from the program for 24 hours. The child is then welcomed back, but if there is any reservation on the part of the Youth Counselor a parent may be required to attend with their child.
STEP 4: Dismissal: Once the child is allowed back into the program after the initial dismissal, if any disobedient behaviors continue, the child will no longer be allowed to participate.

In regards to 2-5 year olds, after 15 minutes of continuous crying, the parent will be called to pick-up their child as Norwegian is not able to have one-on-one care within their Youth Programs.

More Family Friendly Features

Cannon balls welcome here. Just for Junior cruisers, Norwegian offers splash pools on Norwegian DAWN, STAR, SPIRIT, GEM, JADE, JEWEL, EPIC and PRIDE OF AMERICA. Each ship has its own children's themed wet and wild fun areas- slides, water squirters, and splash areas far away from mom and dad's main pool area.

Think about this-Norwegian has arcades on every ship, but the bigger the ship the bigger the arcade and how much fun can you have in a day!

Move over Tarzan, Norwegian has kids coming in! All Norwegian ships now offer jungle gyms with ball pits and tunnels. Just check out the youth facilities-registered participants can jump in anytime.

Family Friendly Accommodations

The staterooms are designed with your family in mind - just the way you like them.

Freestyle Dining for All

Not a lima bean in sight-Norwegian gives kids what they want to eat - all day long in the Kid's Café. Kids can dig into the Kid's Buffet: sandwiches, hot dogs, fruits, yes, some veggies, French fries and cookies. They'll love the tables and chairs just their size too. Plus each itinerary offers a special Kid's Crew Dinner-sorry mom and dad, it's kids only this time. Sign up with the Youth Program staff.

Entourage Specifics & Restrictions

  • Activities are flexible and subject to change based on participants.
  • Norwegian reserves the right to cancel if no teen shows within the first 15 minutes of the scheduled activity. Teens will meet at the next scheduled activity.
  • Teens not feeling well need to visit the medical center before being admitted to the program.
  • Guardians must alert the Youth Staff of any allergies, medications or special needs of their teen when registering.
  • All Teens are responsible for any personal items brought to activities and events.
  • Norwegian strongly encourages that no teenagers go ashore alone in the ports of call.
  • Because the Youth Staff is not included in onboard gratuities, cash gratuities are divided among the staff and greatly appreciated. Individual gratuities can be made through the onboard Reception Desk. Norwegian strongly encourages that no teenagers go ashore alone in the ports of call. If you have any questions, please see the Youth Program Supervisor.

Teen Safety & Emergency Information

Teens are responsible for reporting to their assigned emergency stations in the event of a ship emergency. Crewmembers throughout the vessel are trained to assist those in need.

Teens participating in Norwegian’s youth programs are prohibited from smoking, drinking alcohol, and using profanity while attending Teen activities. Violence and vandalism will not be tolerated, ever.

A Teen exhibiting inappropriate behavior will be asked to stop immediately. If they do not stop, they will be dismissed from the activity. After dismissal, Parents and the ship's Security will be notified. Any behavior reported to a Youth Staff member taken outside of the Teen Program will also be reported to Security. Teens should be advised that all public areas are under 24-hour surveillance.

** All events and activities are subject to change.

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